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Oct 31, 2019

What Can You Expect From A Property Manager

Katherine Enriquez

The concept of property management is not always clear and owners sometimes question what it’s all about, let me clarify the role of a property manager.

I’ve been managing properties for over 6 years and have served hundreds of clients. One of the most important benefits of having a Property Management Company is finding the right tenant. A good Property Manager will make sure that your apartment is well presented and would recommend improvements and upgrades needed to keep the property in good shape. This will maximize the marketing potential of your unit. The better the presentation of the unit, the more interested clients you will get. This will give you more choices in terms of choosing your future tenant.

Organizing open house events and viewings to ensure your property is rented as fast as possible is also very important. The Property Manager knows the current market trend, has the insight and experience to price your property for rent at the right rate and therefore would always recommend a price that is not too high which will take longer to rent or too low that it will affect the value of the property.

Repairs and maintenance are the most time consuming chore and create the most headaches for owners. Having a Property Manager will make it much easier for you. At Palma, we have a pool of trusted and specialized contractors that we work with, this ensures that owners don’t pay extra on labor and material costs and at the same time will ensure the quality of work provided. You can expect unit issues to be rectified in a timely manner hence avoiding larger and more expensive problems in the future. In our case, we go one step further and arrange for regular preventive maintenance checks and air conditioning cleaning to avoid any future breakdowns or repairs.

If your property is managed then there’ll be no more phone calls from your tenant and no more emails while you’re on holiday. Your Property Manager will take care of your unit so you can enjoy being a stress-free landlord.

Is your property managed? Has having your property managed made it easier for you? Let me know your stories and if you need any help with your property, feel free to get in touch with me on

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