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Real Estate Development & Sales

Palma Development

At Palma Development, we are driven by a vision of excellence and a commitment to delivering great projects that are timeless and enhance our clients’ wealth.

As one of the pioneering private real estate developers in Dubai since 2002, we have established ourselves as a creator of exclusive projects in premium communities such as Palm Jumeirah with our Serenia Residences and Serenia Living projects, and Dubai Marina with iconic addresses like Silverene Towers and Infinity/Cayan Tower.

Our brand is known for creating stand-out residential projects in Dubai that are recognized for their unique design and exceptional quality. As an award-winning developer, we have consistently provided owners with unique homes and superior investment returns.

Community & Property Management Services

Palma Communities

At Palma Communities, we are committed to delivering world-class services and building loyalty with our residents through care and attention to details.

As a leading provider of community and property management services, we focus on maintaining the value of our properties over the years through high-standard services. Our portfolio includes a range of high-end projects such as Serenia Residences and Silverene Towers, as well as mid-level projects like Olivara Residences & Park in Studio City. Wetake pride in our ability to cater to the needs of our diverse community and ensure that their living experience is exceptional.

Million sq.ft of premium property
Billion Property value in AED (USD 2 billion)
Communities under management
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Real Estate Development

Development Management Services

Our development management services aim to support real estate investors in their quest to develop the most remarkable properties. Our development management division deals with land selection, site investigations, conducting feasibility studies, raising capital, design development, working with and managing architects, consultants and contractors, managing legalities and accounts, construction works, sales and marketing, and asset management.

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