Jan 27, 2020

Want to Achieve 100% Focus and Productivity?

Laura Mathews

We all can have busy lifestyles, be it work, family, friends, travelling and sometimes emotions can get in our way, however what if I can guarantee that there is one key element that will improve your efficiency and productiveness by 100% if you spend just a minimal amount of time on it each day- would you jump at the chance? It’s actually priceless!

Can you spare a minimum of 10 minutes per day out of your busy lifestyle? Would you entertain the idea of devoting 10 to 30minutes a day to this?

The answer is: Exercise.

Exercise – it can sound so daunting and time zapping to some, but what if you could involve your family, friends and team mates by doing a simple thing such as “getting those daily steps in”. Hey- I know 10,000 steps is a ridiculously high target especially here in Dubai, but how about you start by adding 1000 extra steps each day. What if you then increase that to a gentle jog, or after 5 minutes add a mini circuit, and dare I say what if your fitness improves and you then have the confidence to join a gym class/ gym/ a team sport and as an extra bonus increase your social life too.

All these steps go further than you think, it will improve your mindset and ability to focus at work, completing deadlines more efficiently to allow you to enjoy more family time, improve your confidence, and have a positive effect on your diet. Then looking further into the future, these simple steps will protect your bank balance against doctors and medical fees and its guaranteed that 100% of your mental state will be more positive.

Start by one simple step forward to making exercise a daily habit, sometimes it can be an inconvenience, and I totally understand….. but so can driving to find a petrol station, you know it needs to be done to make sure you get to the next destination!

Share with me your stories and let me know what motivates you to exercise.

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About Laura
Laura worked in London and Dubai as a full time trainer and in her spare time takes part in local competitions from Crossfit to Wadi Bih runs in her spare time. She competed in South Korea twice at the crossfit regional games, and twice at the Crossfit Games in Kuwait.

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