Mar 08, 2020

8 things you should consider before renting an apartment

Nadeem Sofi

Getting ready to move out of a home and into a NEW one is always super exciting but can also be a daunting experience.

There are a number of things you must keep in mind as well as steps you must take to help make the process of renting an apartment simpler. Here are important things to think about BEFORE you start your apartment hunting process:


Before you pick an apartment building, really think about its location. Ideally, it should be close to essential shops and services you’ll need like grocery stores, restaurants and of course bus stations and access to the metro stations. You also want to choose an apartment that is safe for you and your family. Read up on the location and see if it suits your needs. Will the apartment complex have gated access? Does the apartment have surveillance and protection?

2-The Quality

Don’t trust those pretty pictures you see online. Before you rent an apartment, you should arrange to see the place in person. Keep in mind that small issues, such as broken blinds or scratches on the wall can be fixed possibly by your landlord. Deeper problems may be an indication that the apartment hasn’t been properly taken care of. As you peruse the apartment, look for health and safety issues, such as bug problems, rodents, leaky faucets, water damage, lead paint, asbestos, dirty air filters, mold, broken heat and air conditioning systems, rust, broken windows, and electrical problems.

3-Read your contract carefully before signing

One of the most common mistakes among renters is not reading their contract before they sign it. They may be rushed into signing which in the future can create problems for both tenant and Landlord.

Some damages to the property might mean that you won’t get your security deposit back. In the event of an emergency, can you leave the apartment before your lease is over? If not what are the terms to exit? You need to be satisfied with the conditions that are presented in the contract. If you don’t understand then ask questions. Make sure everything is clear before you sign.

4-What appliances do I get with the Apartment?

There are features that you just cannot live without like a washing machine, cooker, refrigerator and microwave. You need to clarify if these appliances that you desire are available in the apartment you want to rent. In order to be happy with your new home, make sure that it meets all your standards and requirements.

5-Pet policy

If you would like to bring your pet with you, will the apartment accommodate your pet? Some apartments are built to facilitate your pet but some are not. It is best to find out before you decide to rent an apartment.

6-Increase in rent must follow a rental index

Your Landlord has no right to raise the rent as per his preference. In Dubai, Landlords have the right to increase the rent by 5 percent if the price of your unit is 11 to 20 percent less than those of similar properties in your area of residence. Additionally, your rent may increase by 10 percent if its value is 21 to 30 percent less than that of similar apartments.

The price can also increase by 15 percent if it’s 30 to 40 percent short of the price of similar apartments in the area. This is as per the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) requirements.

7-Eviction notice

There is no need to endure the stress of waking up one day and finding yourself homeless. Educate yourself with the knowledge that your Landlord may only request you to leave after giving you a written notice 12 months in advance. So from the day you receive an eviction notice you still have 12 months to leave the apartment.

8-Access to the premises

Landlords are entitled to check your apartment’s condition and show the property to their prospective clients if you’re not renewing the lease. However, the rental agreement will specify how much advance notice the Landlord must provide you before visiting the property to show it to their potential clients. Typically its 24 to 48 hours.

When working with a good real estate agent, they will check all of the above for you but it’s still always wise to be cautious and review all the paperwork before committing to a property. Hope these tips will come in handy for you in the future. If you have any further questions on this topic, feel free to get in touch with me on

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