Jan 08, 2019

An Inspiring 50-Year Charter Issued By the Dubai Ruler

Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, published a pledge on Sunday containing nine articles that aim to develop the quality of life and guarantee a better future for generations.

Shaikh Mohammad said the document will be named the “Fifty-Year Charter”, after his 50th anniversary of starting his first mission in serving his homeland and people.

“On January 4, 2019, we announced our commitment (the ruling family, government and working teams) to the vision stated in this document, which will not replace strategic plans the government is developing or implementing,” said Shaikh Mohammad.

“This document contains part of our vision for the future of Dubai and the life that we want to offer to everyone living on this land,” he added. Shaikh Mohammad underscored that on January 4 every year, the “Fifty-Year-Charter” would be renewed with exceptional projects and programmes in Dubai. “We expect that everyone will work based on this document and based on the eight principles, which we already announced to ensure the sustainability of UAE’s well fare and prosperity,” he said.


“It is Dubai’s destiny to be a hub between the east and west, north and south and a top destination for the world. We have the largest international airport in the world connecting us to more than 200 cities. During the coming 10 years, more than a billion passengers will travel through our airport. We also run some 80 ports around the world, each of which is connected to tens of cities. Our next step is to build our own silk road in cooperation with brothers and friends. Our region has always been known for its civilisation and trade, and we have to restore that role. We will work to develop an international system to support our ambitions.”

“Over the course of the coming period, we are going to develop a geographical and economic map for Dubai, to turn it into integrated and specialised free economic zones. Each geographical-economic sector in the city will have its own board, which runs, promotes, and competes with similar sectors. Each geographic sector will also have its own investment and economic goals, which we will follow up on their implementation in sheer transparency. Each economic sector will also have a governor who will fulfil the goals for which the sector has been set up.”

“Dubai will lead efforts to establish the first virtual commercial zone in the region. Trade licences will be granted without having to get a residency visa in Dubai. Bank accounts will also be opened and e-residency visas will be granted according to the highest international and legal controls. We are seeking to house 100,000 companies in the virtual zone and our end goal is to make setting up a company easier than creating an email account.”

“We will develop an e-central educational file for each citizen, which will document his or her certificates, courses, trainings, and conferences attended. We will chart out educational plans suitable for each citizen’s health and physical ability, and personal and functional skills. We want a lifetime education so that our citizens can constantly develop their abilities and skills to cope with the accelerating changes the world is going to see.”

“We will work to provide medical consultations 24/7 by hundreds of thousands of doctors, specialists and consultants from around the world through a specialised company via smart government applications. Our end goal is to change the traditional medical system and bring doctors closer to patients, heighten awareness and to utilise the best minds in the medical field in the service of our citizens.”

“Dubai was established based on business, and nine tenths of our income source are from businesses. Starting from next year, our national and private universities will be announced free zones where students can carry out their economic and creative businesses and this will be part of the educational system. Integrated creative and economic zones will be established next to universities to support students in education, research, and finance while setting up their businesses. The end goal is not only graduating students but also coming up with companies.”

“We will work to develop an integrated programme in cooperation with our citizens willing to create an integrated system to achieve self-sufficiency in water, food and energy in, at least, one tenth of citizens’ homes to change the lifestyle and maintain our environment. We aim to create a new economic sector which supports self-sufficiency in water, food and energy for at least one month or more.”

“This is a long-term programme seeking to double citizens’ income, and improve the quality of service through the privatisation of some public services in addition to setting up cooperative companies to be owned by citizens in a number of vital sectors.”

“The UAE will continue its march of giving and extending a helping hand to others, and our own businesses and projects should not distract us from giving and helping needy people. In conclusion of this document, we pledge to increase our humanitarian works and be keen to boost its growth in parallel with our business development. Doing good deeds is the secret of communities’ happiness.”

News Source: https://gulfnews.com

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