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Social Responsibility

At Palma, social responsibility is part of our culture. It is not just a statement or a corporate marketing tool, but a core value engraved in our shareholders and our employees.
Our social responsibility initiatives are spearheaded by one of our Directors, Omar Derbas. Omar maintains a reasonable mix of major initiatives and tactical initiatives.
Some of the major initiatives Palma has completed includes educational and medical facilities for underprivileged children across the Middle East. Most recently, Palma completed a school for over 2,000 underprivileged girls in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

The social responsibility initiatives at Palma help the entire team in maintaining a balanced-approach in the corporate world, allowing us to see a wider sense of responsibility and achievement.We welcome being contacted for new social responsibility initiatives. You may contact our Development Director and Head of Social Responsibility, Omar Derbas at omar@palmaholding.com