Recently, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai announced a ‘Fifty-Year Charter’ which is part of his vision for the future of Dubai and the life he wants to offer everyone living here . Below is a quick recap of the 9 articles set for the coming 50 years:

ARTICLE 1 : Dubai Silk Road

To work on an international system to improve trade and become the hub between East and West.

ARTICLE 2 : A Geo-Economic map for Dubai

To develop a geographical and economic map for Dubai, to turn it into integrated and specialized free economic zones.

ARTICLE 3 : Setting up the first virtual commercial city

Dubai will lead efforts to establish the first virtual commercial zone in the region, making setting up a company easier than creating an email account.

ARTICLE 4 : A central education file for every citizen

To develop an e-central education file for each citizen, which will document each person’s certificates, courses, training, and conferences. To chart educational plans to constantly develop
people’s abilities and skills to cope with the accelerating changes the world is going to see.

ARTICLE 5 : Doctor for every citizen

To provide medical consultations 24/7 in collaboration with hundreds of thousands of doctors, specialists and consultants from around the world through a specialized company using smart
government applications.

ARTICLE 6 : Free economic and creative zones in universities

Commencing in 2020, national and private universities will be announced free zones where students can carry out their economic and creative businesses; this will be part of the educational system.

ARTICLE 7 : Self-sufficiency in Dubai homes

To develop an integrated program in cooperation with our citizens, which supports self-sufficiency in water, food and energy for at least one month or more.

ARTICLE 8 : Cooperative companies in various sectors

Privatization of some public services in addition to setting up cooperative companies to be owned by citizens in a number of vital sectors.

ARTICLE 9 : Annual growth in philanthropy

The UAE will continue its march of giving and extending a helping hand to others and hence pledges to increase its humanitarian work. Thumbs UP to our visionary and pro-active leader.